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Changing the Automotive Standard

Changing the INSURANCE  Automotive Standard

As many of you know we made the difficult choice a few years ago to go out of the norm and work for you the consumer and not be a direct repair shop that is contracted by the insurance companies. Making this choice is difficult as it means the insurance company will not refer us any work and we will have to survive unlike most of our competitors solely on word of mouth.

We appreciate many of the Insurance companies and various other insurance agents who have put their customer needs first and chosen to support the quality work we always strive for. We have recently had some great success with Farmers Insurance and Quest who represents Auto Owners, Anapac and a few others. We will be submitting this letter to help them understand our position and the role they can fill if they would like to participate in our premium Automotive glass protection.

To whom it may concern ,

Although the customer is our client, not Farmers/ Auto Owners/ ANAPAC Insurance, we have outlined a few points that set us apart from other “glass only” shops you may be comparing us to.

  • Higher Value to Safety: As collision repair experts we know that failure of brakes, airbags, seatbelts, windshield or other life saving device can be catastrophic in an accident. ABC’s 20/20 revealed that 8 out of 10 windshields are not being installed correctly. Up to 40% of the impact in a head on and 60% of the roof structure in a rollover accident are dependant on the windshield installation. Recently the wife of one of our team members hit a patch of black ice and ended upside down in a ditch with their 10 month old baby. This windshield had been changed by our team member and held 100%, preventing the roof from caving in and the passengers sustaining serious injuries. There are thousands of poor installation stories where individuals have not been so fortunate.
  • Installed by Two Higher Skilled Technicians: Our technicians avoid common industry shortcuts referred to as “stuffing the windshield which often smashes the urethane(glue) bead rendering it useless. The urethane we use have a safe drive away time of 2hrs not 24hrs like most of our competitors and we don’t make you sign a document releasing us from the liability if you chose to pickup your car earlier than that.  We bill these technicians out at $85-$100/hr to change life saving devices like brakes, seat-belts etc. Recently while visiting the Ford factory, I noticed the use of heavy mechanical arms and lasers to ensure the bead is not smashed. Although I was a collegiate athlete who once benched 485 lbs., I would not trust myself to evenly set a windshield alone while leaning over the hood of a vehicle.
  • Second Largest Investment: The local dealership knows that the vehicle is the average American’s 2nd largest investment next to their home; spending over $9000 annually on transportation. Dealerships charge $100-150/hr to work on life saving devices and know that rust will need to be removed according to I-CAR specifications for correct windshield installation. Over the last few years we have documented hundreds of cases where rust, not from abuse or neglect, but careless work have cost the consumer sometimes thousands in repairs. We grind out rust and prime the pinchweld to ensure safe adhesion, using only AGRSS & I-CAR approved materials for rust removal and prevention.
  • Insurance as a form of payment: We accept the following as forms of payment: cash, credit card,  insurance on credit, and recently PayPal. When the customer pays us cash or credit card for example, the payment is instantaneous and will be deposited in our account within 2 business days. The credit card company or federal reserve doesn’t require us to physically call in, be on hold for 30 minutes to 1hr to validate our contract/invoice with our customer, then afterwards dispute another 2 hrs about why we put an OEM piece of glass in the 2 year old vehicle.
  • Indemnification Policy: Our client has chosen us to repair their vehicle. You as the insurance company have not invoked your right and liability to repair the vehicle. If this changes, we will inform our clients that we no longer accept insurance on credit from your company and that they will need to pay with our other methods.

WHY IS ALL OF THIS IMPORTANT?: The quality of the windshield replacement protects the customer, as well as  the insurance company, against possible liability incurred in an accident. By working with us, we will provide you with a friends and family rate/discount, similar to many other insurance companies who pay us in full, and avoid us having to spend additional time in collections.

Thank you for your efforts to support us running our business how we know it should be done in this our great country.

Tyler Olsen

CEO and SERVICE Leader


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